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30 Aug 2013

i strongly believe this is not so-called rebound relationship. i do like u from the moment u came into my life...very perfect timing. And please dont lose hope on me, thanks for everything and gudnite! :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Around The World in 88 years -Singapore Day 2-

(Note : Due to small caption font, please zoom in your desktop view)

Previous post on 1st day u can click here (Day 1). Move on to our 2nd day, where the most anticipated part is Universal Studio Singapore also known as USS. Lets browse on the pixxass peeps :D

Day 2 :
(Shooting Location : Little India, Sentosa Island & Universal Studio Singapore)

Brekfes time around Mustafa Store..stenderd approximately RM9 skali brekfes. Alas perut je pon

U can commute to USS with these 4 options whether via Sentosa Express, Sentosa Boardwalk, Cable Car, or Bus. Obviously we chose BOARDWALK the cheapest alternative..or in malay we called it as 'jalan kaki jelah weyh, guna segala kudrat yang ada, baru jimat'.

At the end of the boardwalk u will find this riverside spot..x rugi pun jalan kaki, dahla dapat hirup udara segar, sempat pulak shoot tepi river. Feeling ala2 duk Aussie gitu. 

The boardwalk...haha. Bukan jalan kaki sgt pun. Stay still 5-10 minit trus smpai tanpa kluar kos. Peluh pun xsempat nk excreted.

Main gateway before USS entrance. Tempat wajib ntuk bergambar. Sape yg g USS konfem ambik gambar globe nieh.  Foggy effect tu mungkin dr water humidifier, xkan hydrogen kot.

The fee per pax is $74 in Singapore Dollar or in RM around RM180. But worth it since u'll find that half-day is not enough to take pics, ride all the thrilled-games like roller coaster or 3D studios, even costume play and hollywood roadshow.

Before barging in, note that USS featured with 6 main zones which are :

1. Hollywood & New York
(Marylyn Monroe, Sesame Street. Charlie Chaplin, etc)

2. Sci-Fi city (Transformer world)

3. Ancient Egypt (The Mummy Return)

4. The Lost World (Jurassic Park)

5. Far Far Away (Shrek, The Princesses)

6. Madagascar

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Around The World in 88 years -Singapore Day 1-

Theme song : Yuna Tourist

Checklist no 1 : Singapore
Status : DONE!

Oh obviously got another 87 years chance for another 100+ countries to conquer for. 
Ewww verangan lebih laa. But sokay we have to get the feeling first before move on. And next, think bout the strategies on how to well-planned the journey 
(dont forget : combo with a pocketful of sunshine...opss i mean dollars la haha)

Mission no 1 started with Malaysia's neighbour-hood country since no extra funding for plane ticket muahaahaha. Still ober the sea as we have to ride across the long bridge above wide South China Sea channeled from Johor to Woodland. Yiehaaa im over the sea...innocently faked one '=_=

But frankly speaking, i dont have enough brilliant idea on how to start this picisan and give best wording's better to treat this blog like instagram. Since a pixxa worth thousand words. 

So lets the photographer and the photographee doing their works through out my 'mad market' memories in Singapore last September 2012 (10th-13th).

Day 1 :
(Shooting Location : Esplanade, Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, Orchard Road)

MRT Station to Merlion Park

Esplanade Theater Underground Tunnel

In front of Esplanade Theater

Marina Bay Sand
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Khamis 14 Mac 2013

Bnyak sgat yg nak jugak kalau ade automatik diary yg rekod any single thing we did on the whole day. xpayah tulis dalam diary atau mempublish dalam blog yg xsebarapa nieh.

Btw the biggest thing for today is --> Just finished my structured interview and dreadful International Financial Management test. Serius terase MIGRAIN harini! Banyak betul kene berfikir, lepas kene provoke million billion trillion kali oleh panel petronas dalam mase 2 jam, aku kene gagahkan diri untuk jawab test finance plak. Adoi... (menangis diam2 dalam bilik test sbb xreti a loser sob3).

Niat di hati nak aim first class degree, tapi kalau Allah x izinkan nak buat camne. Redha je dan mesti kene bersyukur dgn tiap2 ape yg dah berlaku. Mungkin nasib org lain lagi teruk drpd ape yg kite alami harini.

Skrg aku dan rumet dah berazam akan solat dhuha tiap2 hari, sbb ustaz kate rezeki akan melimpah ruah kalau selalu amalkan dhuha. Never too late to learn something. InsyaAllah u're strong dear self...keep being positive!

Moral of the blog :
-Allah every second...insyaAllah He will assist u on everything u gonna do-

Saturday, March 9, 2013