Friday, December 31, 2010

Teaser of NYear'sEve

Wahh...HNY to everyone~

Then :
Lets have an ASMWOE LUAGH TNTOIE, though only for a sec ;)




Hahahuu...what a frowny face!

Moral of da blog :

- Have u ever feel that ur alone?? Ur completely a loser!

- Why? Coz the truth of being alone is when u dont have a good relationship with the Creator


PS : Korang rase ape yg penulis tulis kat atas tu eh?? I bet u dont have any difficulties on the big highlighted RED above.
Fun fact is human's mind still can read any unorganized words as long as we dont change the position of the front and rear alphabets

PPS : Tahun baru = Ulang balik azam tahun baru tahun lepas (hahaha)

~Have a blast year, month, week, day, hour, minute, and second dearssss~
~LurveMe OweyZz~

Thursday, December 30, 2010

i had alot of nothing to say

*Heavily Y__Y coz i love cat damn much...and u too

*it just hurted

p/s : Sadness flies away on the wings of time

~LurveMe OweyZz~

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fairytales of Before and After

[ In her story ]
*Headline dat i don't want to highlight much

Before :
Waahhh...a week alone is just great (copycating my FB status). No need to worry bout turning up the maximum volume of fav songs/movies/drama, no need to concern what time shud i go for bed, no need to follow standard meals' schedule, no need no need no need!!!! But i need to share with u the creepy sounds 'they' made each time my eyelids urge for some break...hmmm
-ignore me plizz-

After :
Iskk3.....a week wi'them is EVEN BETTER (copycating my FB status again). Just realized kot. Now, u can call me a Panda @_@! With a fuzzy bubbling stomach! which i could never suffering from if i've a clan here. Y___Y
-care for me plizzzzz-

[ In her bedtime story ]
*Actual headline for this post

When we talk about children's folktale, everyone will imagine how happy the ending is. The cliche' ending part sounds : "They live happily ever after..." make the story evergreen for us. Now i'll reveal the truth beyond these beautiful ending tale. Lets see how different the storyline is after Disney make some 'renovation'. Just to make it a suitable genre for a grown up kids like me *erkkk hahahahehehe


After :

- In the modern Cinderella fairy tale we have the beautiful Cinderella swept off her feet by the prince and her wicked step sisters

- Cinderella has lost her slipper and the prince is determined to have only the girl whose small foot can fit into the slipper

- The stepsisters nearly break their necks for the chance to try on the shoe, but have no luck fitting their large feet into the shoe

- Finally the prince met the real princess whose fit with the glass slipper. They live happily ever after..bla333

Before :

- Heroine was actually called Rhodopis, not Cinderella

-The story was very similar to the modern one with the exception of the glass slippers and pumpkin coach

-In this version, the nasty step-sisters cut off parts of their own feet in order to fit them into the glass slipper, hoping to fool the prince

-The prince is alerted to the trickery by two pigeons who peck out the step sister’s eyes (ouchh...mesti sakit kan!!!)

- The step sisters end up spending the rest of their lives as blind beggars while Cinderella gets to lounge about in luxury at the prince’s castle.


After :
- In the modern sleeping beauty, the lovely princess is put to sleep when she pricks her finger on a spindle...caused by the curse of the black fairy

- She sleeps for one hundred years when a prince finally arrives, kisses her, and awakens her

- They fall in love, marry, and live happily ever after
(huhh 100% completely diff from the original version)

Before :
- The original tale is not so sweet. In the original, the young woman is put to sleep because of a prophesy(revelation of divine will), rather than a curse

- And it isn’t the kiss of a prince which wakes her up...but the king seeing her asleep, and rather fancying having a bit, rapes her

- After nine months she gives birth to two children (while she is still asleep)...haha nonsense btul!

- One of the children sucks her finger which removes the piece of flax (a widely cultivated plant) which was keeping her asleep

- She wakes up to find herself raped and the mother of two kids.


After :
- Fortunately disney hasn’t done too much damage to this tale

- The editing part only on magical kiss and the stepmother, the Queen part : the Queen asks a huntsman to kill her and bring her heart back as proof. Instead, the huntsman can’t bring himself to do it and returns with the heart of a boar.

Before :
- In the original tale, the Queen actually asks for Snow White’s liver and lungs, which are to be served for dinner that night!

- Besides (surprise surprise surprise)....the Queen actually is Snow White's biological mother. Drove by a jealousy of her own daughter's radiance, she asked the huntman to kill her.

- Snow White wakes up when she is jostled by the prince’s horse as he carries her back to his castle, not from a magical kiss.

- The shake up dislodged the bite of poisonous apple from her throat and Snow White returned to life. What the prince wanted to do with a dead girl’s body I will leave to your imagination

- The tale ends with the Queen being forced to dance to death in red hot iron shoes.


The different part only on the 3 endings. Original version, modified version, and Disney version (must expect a beautiful ending for Disney, haha)

After :
- In the Disney version, the film ends with Ariel the mermaid being changed into a human so she can marry Eric

- They marry in a wonderful wedding attended by humans and merpeople
(abbrv of mermaid people ^^)

Before :
- In the very first and original version by Hans Christian Andersen (HCA), the mermaid sees the Prince marry a princess and she despairs. She is offered a knife with which to stab the prince to death, but rather than do that she jumps into the sea and dies by turning to froth.

- Then HCA modified the ending : Andersen modified the ending slightly to make it more pleasant. In his new ending, instead of dying when turned to froth, she becomes a “daughter of the air” waiting to go to heaven

- So, frankly, she is still dead for all intents and purposes.


The original French version (by Charles Perrault) of the tale was not quite so nice...y??
Continue reading k!

After :
- The version of this tale that most of us are familiar with ends with Riding Hood being saved by the woodsman who kills the wicked wolf

- She finally met her grandmother without any injury

Before :
- In the real version, the little girl is a well bred young lady who is given false instructions by the wolf when she asks the way to her grandmothers

- Foolishly riding hood takes the advice of the wolf and ends up being eaten. And here the story ends Y___Y

- There is no woodsman, no grandmother – just a fat wolf and a dead Red Riding Hood

- The moral to this story is to not take advice from strangers (what a good approach..*_*)


After :
- In the widely known version of Hansel and Gretel, we hear of two little children who become lost in the forest

- Then, they eventually finding their way to a gingerbread house which belongs to a wicked witch

- The children end up enslaved for a time as the witch prepares them for eating

- They figure their way out and throw the witch in a fire and escape.

Before :
- Instead of a witch, the original version have a devil. The story is called as 'The Lost Children'

- Now the wicked old devil is tricked by the children (in much the same way as Hansel and Gretel)

- but the wicked old devil works it out and puts together a sawhorse ( a stand for timber during sawing) to put one of the children on to bleed

- The children pretend not to know how to get on the sawhorse so the devil’s wife demonstrates. While she is lying down the kids slash her throat and escape.


After :
- In this heart warming tale, we hear of pretty little goldilocks who finds the house of the three bears

- She sneaks inside and eats their food, sits in their chairs, and finally falls asleep on the bed of the littlest bear

- When the bears return home they find her asleep, she awakens and escapes out the window in terror.

Before :
- The original tale has two possible variations

- 1) In the first, the bears find Goldilocks and rip her apart and eat her

- 2) In the second, Goldilocks is actually an old hag who jumps out of a window when the bears wake her up. The story ends by telling us that she either broke her neck in the fall, or was arrested for vagrancy and sent to the “House of Correction”
(Goldilocks tu org tua gile rupenye....hahaha).


After :
- In the tale of the Pied Piper, we have a village overrun with rats

- A man arrives dressed in clothes of pied (a patchwork of colors) and offers to rid the town of the vermin (destructive small animals and insects)

- The villagers agree to pay a vast sum of money if the piper can do it , and he does. He plays music on his pipe which draws all the rats out of the town.

- When he returns for payment, the villagers won’t cough up so the Pied Piper decides to rid the town of children too!

- The piper draws the children to a cave out of the town. And when the townsfolk finally agree to pay up, he sends them back.

Before :
- In the darker original, the piper leads the children to a river where they all drown
(except a lame boy who couldn’t keep up)

Okay...lets stop here. I'll leave Beauty and The Beast, Rapunzel, Jack and The Beanstalk, etc for ur own googleyy.


Moral of the blog :

#1 No matter how negative or bad u live your life now, do turning it into a more positive ways

#2 Hey gurls guys...we're still young enough to enjoy this kind of children folks right!!!
Just stay beautiful and handsome okiess~

~LurveMe OweyZz~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ĩ ȴȭʌΣ טסצ....Ὼ....ᶋεדϩ ʂƮąΨ ᶋ0ץάŁ 2 Ƹӓҫԋ ☻₮ḫӟг. With ῗמɋM¤ƦαҬⱥ

Monday, December 20, 2010

1+9 = 20 ???

Ok....19 hb December baru je berlalu pergi.
Maknenye umur 19 tahun penulis pun bakal berinjak ke tangga yang kedua plak xlama lagi.

Adat duniawi la kan...yang muda akan mnjadi tua. Yang tua plak bakal mnjadi muda lagi sekali, harap korang paham ayat penulis nieh, huhu.

Umur belasan tahun bg penulis amat crucial, coz my starting point of life began at the age of 10.


Things dat i've learnt through out my 1st year :

10 :

Dah berani be independent, bawak basikal sorg2 dari sekolah ke rumah yg saaaangat jauh
(5 km hari2 mmbuatkan kulitku tanned smpai skrg)

11 :

Mule mnjage kepentingan/kesihatan kulit wajah.
Hari2 sapu telur putih+susu tepung kat muke, atau letak hirisan timun kat muke sbb xtahan tgok kulit muke yg itam sbb slalu berjemur
(praktis smpai skrg during my leisure)

12 :

Biasanye JPJ hnye benarkan mereka yg berumur 17 tahun ke atas untuk 'memandu' motor atas jalan raye...tapi in my case terawal plak sbb abah yg jadi JPJ tu,hahaha.

Time nie penulis dah drive motor skuter right away dr Durian Burung ke Gong Badak (jauh jgak la), abah guide dr blkang sbb penulis mane pernah hayat test bawak skuter sblum nie.
Waktu tu baru balik tusyen UPSR kat Durian Burung. Atas jambatan sultan mahmud pling seronok press minyok...laju pewitt! Ramai gok pemandu kereta yg pandang semacam kat kami (x sayang nyawa agaknye 2 beranak nieh..adess)

Grrrr takut + berani = Bess dan enjoy!!!
(true fact is smpai skrg pnulis x berskill nak bawak motor, xkire motor auto atau manual yg clutch tuh )

13 :

Waktu kemuncak penulis disayangi oleh cikgu dan ustazah2 di sekolah. Alahaii seronoknye jadi anak emas cikgu....sume mnde yang penulis buat dapat pujian. Bangge wink2~
Time form one la pling bnyak mndapat inspirasi untuk belajar bersungguh-sungguh dan target utama top five dalam kelas. Alhamdulillah berlanjutan smpai PMR

14 :

Penulis mula bergiat aktif dalam dunia kokurikulum...first organization yg disertai ialah Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya, baru nak aktif walaupun dah join sejak form 1. Kalau nak tahu PRS nie uniform warna Pink pastu gilir2 ngan uniform putih, uhum3.
Muke pink la 3 hari dlam seminggu ;)

Selain PRS, jd ajk untuk Pandu Puteri smpai terpilih wakil daerah pergi kem kat resort mane ntah. Seingat penulis, kem nie la titik mulanya penulis belajar tentang hubungan akrab antara sahabat perlu dijage walaupun dah berpisah antara dua benua. Smpai skrg masih ingat muke sahabat2 yang sertai kem tuh...rindunye~~

15 :

PMR is around da corner. Berlambak bertimbun kem tips peperiksaan yg dianjurkan negeri Terengganu. Dapat tdo kat hotel dan resort mahal dgan percuma selama seminggu...waah bangga jadi anak Terengganu. Kem begini la yg menambah jumlah sahabat penulis dr pelbagai sekolah di pelusuk Terengganu. Contohnya sekolah Sheikh Malek yang smpai skrg masih in contact ngan diorg.

Sekolah sndri pun byak jugak buat kem belajar...penulis selalu dijemput ke depan sbg sumber inspirasi untuk kawan2 lain (aduh aku pling benci time sokmo kene pggil d cikgu Taha suruh g depan, MALU!!!!)

Dan umur 15 tahun nie juga sgat bermakna bg penulis sbb dinobatkan sbg calon PMR terbaik untuk sekolah, pastu naik pentas ambil pingat bersama top student Muzammir Mohd (walaupun PMR blum tibe lagi...ades pelik sungguh wi pingat awal2. Tp terima je lah rezeki, kan3)

Lepas hbis PMR, kami ramai2 organize buat lawatan ke KL ngan Cameron. Penulis jd SU, letih yang amat ke sana sini telepon tempat percutian. Kutip duit la, konfem name student yang nk ikut la...bla3 smpai pengsan olok2. Tapi x sia2 segala penat lelah, sume ilang time jerit kuat2 naik roller coater kat Cosmos world. (dah usha muke kat skrin, mmg xnampak muke, nampak mulut je nganga luas. SERIUS TAKUT nak tercabut jantung!!!!!)

16 :

Ramai yg kate pada umur ni adalah kemuncak segala-galanye bg remaja dan semuanye berlaku dlam satu tahun yg singkat. Ye betul, saya setuju ngan fakta tersebut. Boleh dikatakan macam2 yg penulis alami dan experience time form 4....all stressed out smpai x boleh perform dalam exam dan test. Add math slalu dapat E...dah aku xpaham add math nk wat cmne. Cikgu Taha dan kaunselor pun hairan ngan perubahan penulis.
Y_Y sedih xleh cerita puncanye...teeet***

Walaupun performance agak down, tapi kaunselor selalu jemput aku bg forum PMR kat sekolah lain. Adehh, forum la sgat....sharing session je ngan bakal PMR. Tapi bess sbb mngajar penulis berani ke hadapan. Pastu dapat upah 50 ryal...yihhaaaa (banyak la tu 50 waktu 2007, kan!)

Waktu form 4 penulis wakil Renjer Pandu Puteri g kem untuk kali kedua . Kem yg paling dasyat penah penulis alami. Dah la x cukup bilik air, hujan lebat x benti, jungle trekking and nite walk waktu hujan lebat...serius mencabar. Pendek kate kalau tersilap langkah boleh tercalar muke kene duri pokok/ terjatuh ke dalam lubang gaung yg slope hampir 90 degree. Bayangkan la dengan situasi hujan lebat tu camne...tanah licin/batu licin xyah cite. Muke plak macam dah pakai bedak sejuk bile kuar dari hutan yg penuh cerun tuh....pendek kate buat facial ngan lumpur, fuhh licin kulit. Yang pling menyeksakan bile kene tggu turn ntuk bersihkan diri lpas buat jungle trekking and nite walk...kat 2 jam kot basah kuyup + dipenuhi darah pacatttt. Gatal...miang~ (pnulis tak takut ngan pacat..x mcm lipas. huhh)

Akhir tahun 2007, lagi skali penulis experience naik roller coaster dan segala macam permainan extreme di Genting. Yusairah dan Nabila Hida mmg muke lambat masuk bas...x habis2 nak round smpai lupe dunia. Pendek kate kami yg ter-advance sbb dah test itu dah test ini. Yang paling x tahan time main wheel 360 degree...ade la mamat nie mnghadap kami, nampak muke gangster siap ngan dye hair lagi, pakai rantai subang xyah cite r. Tapi Alhamdullilah sbb dier sempat bace doa sblum wheel tu berpusing 360 degree tunggang terbalik. Dan Alhamdulillah jugak sbb kami same2 jerit smpai nk ilang anak tekak "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!!!!!!!! Maaaaaaaak nk turunnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!" (bagus gak gangster nie, masih ingat mak lagi. hak3)

Boleh dikatakan banyak ag la experience waktu 16 nie....sume interesting, sedih, ade moral values. Tapi letih r nak taip sume tu. Biarlah mereka semua bersemadi dgan aman dalam diari hati penulis.

17 :

Woah...honeymoon time dah berlalu. Orang kate form 4 waktu honeymoon sbb xde major exam (mb mindset aku dah set camtu kot, sbb tu bnyak down time form 4).

Ok, SPM is coming. Seperti biasa sekolah akan buat kem, pastu guru muda, pastu motivasi....bla3. Yang paling best waktu g kem kat Agro resort ngan kawan-kawan yg turut terpilih jd fasilitator. Experience flying fox dan kayak paling xleh lupe....ditambah pulak ngan kawan2 yg cabar kite buat aksi pelik2 time flying fox tu. Penulis wat aksi rama-rama yg ayu...hua3. Pastu berkayak keliling resort, naik ngan nabila hida smpai terpelusuk kat bawah sane nuh. Then ade jungle trekking, masuk gua kuar gua, panjat bukit turun bukit. Banyak lah lagi aktiviti yg seronok time tu tapi malas nk cite.

Skrg lepas facilitator ber enjoy, tiba la mase kami plak yg meng-enjoykan student2 lain. Banyak gak aktiviti yg kami handle contohnya explorace, pertandingan memasak, malam kebudayaan yg tak jadi sbb masalah pergaulan (hohohoho), amazing race, barbecue...bla3. Best kan bile ingat balik waktu sekolah nie. Dan kalau nak tahu waktu nie la penulis mula kamcing ngan seseorang..guess who~

Slepas aktiviti facilitator, tibelah waktu yg agak serius sbb SPM dah dekat. Penulis jadi guru muda Chemistry walaupun lebih perform dlam Biology. Rutin pagi dimulakan dgan jadi cikgu di kelas2 yang memerlukan....besss sbb mcam dah besar je, semua student dengar cakap kite. Alhamdulillah mereka enjoy dgan syllibus yg penulis ajo...paham la tuhh ;)

Seperti semua sedia maklum, akhir tahun tu penulis cube2 nak test interviewer UTP. Pergi educamp tgok2 dapat. FRUST sgat sbb dapat....penulis mendoakan xdpt sebenarnya. hak3 (huishh x baek la yusairah...ok im enjoy my life as UTPian ^^)

18 :

Walaupun semua masih bercuti, tapi UTPian dah bergelar student University dgan bangganye. SPM blum kuar tapi dah masuk U...haha jimat umur muda kite kat U.

Umur 18 penulis dah dapat lesen besar...x sampai sebulan lesen P penulis dah round satu bandar Ipoh. Macam2 kejadian yg diingini dan x diingini berlaku.
Contoh :
  • Langgar bontot viva depan pagar Utp (nasib abg tu x tuntut ape2...pak gard pun xsedar),
  • UTurn tak lepas di tgah bandar Gopeng (ade driver ngek ambik gambar kete kami kat tgah2 jalan tu...aduhh kalut btul. Nak publish msuk paper Berita Harian koowt),
  • kene tahan dan disoal siasat d polis trafik sbb x sgaja langgar lampu merah time hari raye korban...konvoi kot mane leh ikut lampu isyarat nnti terlepas kete depan (hahaha jawapan)

  • Kete mati tepi lebuhraya ipoh lumut yg seram tu. To make it more havoc : xde minyak time magrib + sume budak2 cun dlm kete pnulis. adessss. Last2 kami kene lecture di devashnee sbb semua kuar mitak tlong, tyah plak berlari lari tepi jalan mtak simpati. Hahahahaa. So moral kat sini, ko duduk je diam2 dlm kete tu, kunci pintu semua smentara menunggu prince charming datang ngan kuda beliau. Baru selamat! Ok~

Nak buat cmne...penulis mmg suke travel dan drive. Xkire auto atau manual, but i prefer manual. Bes kot time tukar2 gear, xde lah cramp kaki kiri. Tapi kome jgan bagi moto ok! tertunggeng nanti xpasal2. Lebam kot! hahahaah

19 :

Live my life to the fullest as a teenager. Dah mule nak bertukar jadi dewasa sikit, selalu membebel kat housemate dan rumate...smpai kene gelar mama. hahahaa (dah aku bebel mnde yang btul....caring pe) . Pastu suke masak2 kat dapur, ngan fathiah, roisah, nadia. Pendek kate macam2 kami dah buat kat dapur tu. Dari puding cocktail smpai la bihun Singapore 20 bijik cili api (yawn.....sume bess kot, tahniah kpd kami). Nanti bile free baru post gambar masakan bujang kami ;)

Skrg pada umur 19 tahun saya dah ade company sendri 'TECHNORITA'. cewaaah nampak gempak tapi mmg hbat pun siap ade blogshop sndri BLOGGERHOUSY. Kami jual busana muslimah yang menutup aurat je tau, hahahaa. Add la facebook bloggerhousy kalau nak beli untuk gf, kakak, atau mak yeaa! Korang support la kami, bukan pe cume untuk budget smpingan untuk kahwin nanti (memetik kate2 roisah..hihi)

Umur 19 jgak penulis dah ada surat hak milik kereta...kereta company kami. Warna pink gtu, cute kan! hahaha masuk bakul angkat sendri. Harap2 member company yg lain dapat lesen cepat2, dah letih bawak diorang ke sane ke sini. huhu

Ok...agak lengthy post kali nie. Sebenarnye berjuta2 bytes lagi ingin dikongsi tapi malas, dah cramp tgan menaip.

-The end of my first year story-


Moral of da blog :

Go face up every challenge in front of you, one may give a million billion of experiences that never fade till the death.

Enjoy ur life and put Allahuakbar & Alhamdulillah for them ^_^

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Your name calls out in my sleep -Sabrina-

*based on a true and touching story that i've found in yahoo site*

In Sabrina's favourite song, there's a refrain that goes:

"Time slows down Whenever you're around, Can you feel This magic in the air?"

The song, by Taylor Swift, is called "Today Was a Fairy Tale."

Sabrina and Matt would understand soon enough that their story could have no happily-ever-after ending. The "magic" would be in how the brave and devoted they chose to use the time they had.


For Sabrina Parker and Matt Scozzari LOVE means a whole lot more that what would imagined.

The two began dating after Matt, in his own words, got up the nerve to ask her out. Over the next three months things seemed perfect to them, but Matt noticed that Sabrina seemed ill. She was tired easily, she sometimes had trouble speaking, she was losing weight.

When he asked if she was ok she told him it was fine, the doctor was treating her.

What she did not tell him was that only a month after they started dating she had been diagnosed with ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease and the prognosis was not good.

Finally after her surprise sweet 16 party two of her friends, both in tears, broke the news to Matt.

He was obviously devastated but when Sabrina asked him if he was going to leave her because of the diagnosis he responded “I will never leave you, no matter what”.

For both of them facing trials in life was not new.

Sabrina’s grandmother and mother both died from ALS. Matt had been diagnosed with a mild learning disability, had endured teasing from schoolmates due to speech problems and had watched his grandmother die from cancer. But both overcame these problems.

As their romance progresses the terminal nature of ALS was always in the back of their minds. Over time Sabrina grew weaker but Matt was always there, acting as her supporter, her helper and when speech became difficult her interpeter.

When the Make A Wish foundation arranged a trip to Orlando for the family Matt joined them. When Sabrina was unable to ride an attraction Matt stayed by her side. Despite her illness they attended prom together and were elected king and queen.

The only real burden hanging over them was the fact that they would nto spend their lives together. Matt would always start talking about ‘when we get married’ until his mom explained why that would be impossible.

But she had an alternative, a friendship ceremony which would allow them to experience a wedding like event and it would allow Matt to tell Sabrina it was ok to let go. As his mom explained patients often fight until they feel like loved ones will allow them to let go.

On November 20th, 2010 they and their families shared a ceremony that was in every sense of the word a true wedding.

Nine days later Matt got the call that he should come to the hospital as quickly as possible.

If there is a better example of true love I have yet to see it.

And if there is a better example of two amazing teenagers…


Around midnight on Nov. 29, the Parkers called Matt: He'd better come. He stayed with Sabrina through the night, holding her hand and telling her he would be OK.

Sabrina died in her sleep the next morning. When the hearse came, Matt leaned down to kiss her on the forehead.

"Thank you for saving me," he whispered.

Among the songs Sabrina had chosen for her funeral was a country ballad by The Band Perry:

"If I die young bury me in satin

"Lay me down on a bed of roses

"Sink me in the river at dawn

"Send me away with the words of a love song."

She was buried in her Sweet 16 dress, a single red rose from Matt on the pillow beside her head.

~LurveMe OweyZz~

Roxyah Luggages

Saya nak bgtau awk yg cuti unofficial sy dah habis!!!
(gedik benor ayat)huhu.

Walaupun bas lambat lagi yakni 29 jam dr skrg, tapi sume mende dah siap packing...sumbat2 dapat la 3 biji begsss semua nye. Tgok gambar atas cmne...begitu la keadaan beg tuh
(tapi beg yg sebenor uduss 30 percent arr )

Harap2 dah xde barang yg tertinggal...walaupun penulis sebenornye meninggalkan beberapa biji lagi barang kat rumah
(tipss untuk cabut balik lagi sekali bulan january nanti..hek3)

So moral of da story kat sini adalah
Baaanyak sgat perkara yg x diingini berlaku kalau kite buat keje last minute nie.

Contoh poblems kalau packing las minit :

1) Tertinggal charger...enset/laptop/baju chargers

2) Kunci bilik/rumah yg x jumpa pa sudoh sbb letok ngate.
Klau pack awal kite boleh cari dr awal...kan2

3) Kalau sape2 yg tertinggal tiket tu senang2 xyah balik terus arhh...bende yg paling penting berjuta penting pun boleh lupe, ape laaah

-Moral of da blog tamat-


Okiess gurls guys yg berada kat Kuala Tganu...till meet u next time ya~

~LurveMe OweyZz~

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why 0 ---> 9 ???

0 ---> 9 is about NUMBER though back then i hate math.

But at some point, math is da only subject that is proved on it's logic and have their own concrete answers compare with other subjects. (Hope u guys agree with me..huhu)

Lets figure'em out~

Y'all prasan x yang :

1 - Has one angle
2 - Has two angle
3 - Has three angle
9 - Has nine angle!

And frankly speaking 0 dont have any angle...ZERO~

P/S : Woww....i'll make myself love math from now on (?)



Waah..ramai x puas hati ngan gambar atas, ade tapak laah, berbelit laah (hohoo). Hasil dpd bantuan encik google akhirnye terjumpa la artikel nie. Katenye :

The Inspiration for Numbers 0-9 was how many Rectangles they have.

They use it because it was the easiest way to
understand and to teach them to others.

Zero was at the beginning only a Dot and didn’t have any Rectangle.

1 has only One Rectangle, Two has 2 Rectangles
and 9 has Nine Rectangles.

It was logical and anyone could understand it.

Picture below is showing what I actually mean with that.

- Resources : Secrets of Numbers -

Enjoy reading dearss~

~LurveMe OweyZz~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Antara Bola dan Rambut

Yg tgah : Aidil Zafuan ngan Muslim

Ok...tetibe hari ni jd hari blog sedunia buat penulis. Satu hari dapat 3 post sekaligus..wlaupun cite korea belambak ag belum disiapkan. Adeyhhh, due date dah nak hbis tapi blum disiapkan jgak..hek3.

Cube korg tgok tajuk tu. Pasal bolalahh. Pelik! Ajaib! Inamorata wat post pasal bola...erkk miracle. hoho

Bukan pe, tibe2 perasan gak yg ramai eyh yg good looking n good 'hairing' pemain2 mesia nieh. Td ternampak dlm tv..mesia vs vietnam. Tapi tgok akhir2 je bile dah tau result (dah cakap xminat bola kang!)

Hahaha...ulang lagi sekali ---> good looking n good 'hairing'
Adeh inamorata nieh!!! ish3 (inamorata ye...bukan Yusairah) ^^
Tgok la gambar atas tu, yg i tau AIDIL ZAFUAN ngan MUSLIM AHMAD je.
Perasan x yg sume ade rambut stylo...kan3! Kemas la baru semart..hihi.
(Tu pun selepas google 30 min..)

p/s :

Kpd yg suke main bola/futsal tu, hati2 sikit ngan jantung, ankle, KNEE and watever laah. Yang penting jage diri mase main, make sure elakkan kemalangan drpd menimpa.

And FYI, kecederaan lutut yg biase dialami mereka yg aktif bersukan adalah yg paling mengambil mase untuk sembuh. So...jage diri untuk kesejahteraan bersama. TQ to all ;)

~LurveMe OweyZz~

Green Grey

Playboy? Huhh... no komen!

But i really heart this shoes...bcoz of u i bought it. Thanx awak~

~LurveMe OweyZz~

My Second

I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you

Please don't be in love with someone else
Please don't have somebody waiting on you

-Enchanted TS-

Yeaazz...finally i got my 2nd CD album SPEAK NOW (Buy Here)
Last time bought when im juz 13 The Best of LeAnn Rimes. Sume country melody kan..hehe

Taraa...14 listed song in TS Speak Now album:

1. Mine

2. Sparks Fly

3. Back to December 5 *****

4. Speak Now 5 *****

5. Dear John

6. Mean

7. The Story of Us 5 *****

8. Never Grow Up

9. Enchanted 6 ****** (da bess)

10. Better Than Revenge

11. Innocent

12. Haunted 5*****

13. Last Kiss

14. Long Live 5*****

Sume bes, susah nak rate/ bagi stars. huhu

Hi bloggers, nampaknye iNaMoRaTa punye blog nie dah jadi tempat update favourite movies, songs, and videos ^_^

-sorry, not interested to share a feeling thingy or wtv laa-

p/s : countdown 4 more days for my UTP

(suppose to be 27th Jan 2011....Y_Y im crying)

~LurveMe OweyZz~

Saturday, December 4, 2010

if i.......

Theme song from LoveHolic

// if I never meet U, I wudnt like U..

// if I didn't like U, I wudnt love U..

// if I didn't love U, I wudnt miss U..

// But I did, I do n I will.....(>_<)

~LurveMe OweyZz~

Thursday, December 2, 2010



26 dec 2004 -tsunami di acheh

26 mei 2006 Gempa d Jogja

26 jun 2009 Gempa di Tasik malaya

26 okt 10 tsunami di mentawai & merapi meletus

ADA apa dengan 26?? Ternyata di dlm al-Quran muka surat ke 26 (asy-syu'ara) yg d dlmnya ttg azab Allah!

~LurveMe OweyZz~

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Do you believe in Magic in a young girls heart???

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Lenguh2 badan? Lenguh kaki? Lenguh jari? Lenguh kuku??

Huishh sume lenguh+sakit~

Adusss letih betul marathon siapkan final exam paper Database ngan Algorithm Data Structure

Jom berehat sebentar bersama-same MIMO

MIMO? Mnde tu???


Nak urut2 pipi pun boleh....kasi awet muda sikit.
Tak gitu adinda Zulaikha Isahak???

Atas nie paper Algorithm Data Structure(ADS):

get || set || Vector || Array || Stack || Queue || LinkedList || BinarySearchTree || AVL || bla3333 || meowwww!!!!!!

~LurveMe OweyZz~

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Girls Chefs Rule!

Theme song : Firework by Katy Perry

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Hari ini hari Wednesday...pukul 2.00 pagi tepat2

Esok pulak hari Thursday...

luse pulak hari Friday...

lepas luse hari Saturday...

lepas lepas luse hari ape???

AHAD?? Salah jawapan anda!!!

Jawapan yang tepat : Sunday (muahahaha ngek)

lepas lepas luse nie saya akan mulakan tugas saya sebagai CHEF sementara

CHEF untuk housemate2 yang saya sayang, yang x sayang jgan makan ape yang cheff masak OK! (thats what we call girls chefs rulesss)

Btw...makcik pakcik RCSU tolonglaaaa jangan serbu rumah kami buat sementara waktu nie, kalau kome rampas periuk tu camne kami nak jadi isteri yang pandai masak nanti??? xgitu makcik pakcik~

So kesimpulannye...jom TIDO!!


(errr..Fail penulisan BM klu camnie. Tibe2 je dah sampai kesimpulan ~_~ )

~LurveMe OweyZz~