Monday, December 26, 2011

The way.....

8) The way i acted like a super-biker and asked help from pokgad in front of v2 cafe @_@

10) The way i have a perfect bosom frens whose shared same room, and same shoes with different colour

11) The way my Terengganu has its own iCity. Proud to be Terengganuian ^^

12) The way we struggled to kidnap this cute lil girl ---> Ika, for her birthday treats.
(manyak trik kene pakai nak culik dier niehh..adess)

*in Beijing*

*in republic of India, Taj Mahal*

*in France*

*in outer space...huhuuuuu*

But...unfortunately this pity one can't be saved nymore



Moral of the blog :

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Elevator buttons

At last Taylor comes back with her new MV eventhough this song already saved in my WMP playlist since last December 2010.

As this is my wake-up ringtone, this mv seriously resemble the laziness of going back to office after 4-5 hours of sleep. Ok, i dont have enough time and enough break for myself.

Just admit it Yusairah, u're breaking your bone =_=

By the time i reached office plus with straight face :

Elevator buttons and morning air

Strangers' silence makes me want to take the stairs


Mood :


Friday, December 2, 2011


Yes, you're a balloon to me. Heart-shaped one <3
Thanks dears~