Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Worthy Wednesday

Seems like many bloggers will post something as typical as 'Wordless Wednesday'. But for me Wednesday is the right day to hoha hohaa with my mates (rumates, housemates, moviemates, carmate..), and it sounds like 'Wordy Wednesday' (read : Worthy Wednesday). Wednesday means so much to UTP-ians since we will dismiss early from the class to give a short gap for any important varsity's briefing. And today, we even conducting a 2h meeting (right in front of my room) just to discuss on LIBUR thingy this weekend. yeaaahhh!!!!!!  But why this weekend, not next week? Well, we'll ensure to make it the biggest vacation as a good starting point for us the final year students (AFY aka Akak Final Year ok!).  Next week, next 2 week, next 3 week are going to be hellious...believe me zzzzzz. 

After calculating pros and cons of everything + the budget, lets straightly point to our destination :

even foreigner (read : issa adoum baba & chima) know where is it...

and this is what im planning to do, snorkeling! and finding NEMO~

even....say hi to SHARK or Ikan Yu is what i'm keen on!
(in my schoolhood, boys always call me Ikan Yu...kroh3)

Hasta la vista LANGKAWI~

Moral of the blog :
It's ok if you:
1) Bunk a few classes (TTP class maybe..hahahaha malass!)
3) Enjoy with your friends....yuhuuuu :D

"We are people, not programmed device! "