Thursday, May 23, 2013

Around The World in 88 years -Singapore Day 1-

Theme song : Yuna Tourist

Checklist no 1 : Singapore
Status : DONE!

Oh obviously got another 87 years chance for another 100+ countries to conquer for. 
Ewww verangan lebih laa. But sokay we have to get the feeling first before move on. And next, think bout the strategies on how to well-planned the journey 
(dont forget : combo with a pocketful of sunshine...opss i mean dollars la haha)

Mission no 1 started with Malaysia's neighbour-hood country since no extra funding for plane ticket muahaahaha. Still ober the sea as we have to ride across the long bridge above wide South China Sea channeled from Johor to Woodland. Yiehaaa im over the sea...innocently faked one '=_=

But frankly speaking, i dont have enough brilliant idea on how to start this picisan and give best wording's better to treat this blog like instagram. Since a pixxa worth thousand words. 

So lets the photographer and the photographee doing their works through out my 'mad market' memories in Singapore last September 2012 (10th-13th).

Day 1 :
(Shooting Location : Esplanade, Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, Orchard Road)

MRT Station to Merlion Park

Esplanade Theater Underground Tunnel

In front of Esplanade Theater

Marina Bay Sand
Click Read More to View More..eheee

Group photo erk

Group photo 1

Group photo 2

Group photo 3

Actually behind the main road heading to Merlion Park

Xde motif..beside bridge
Bay Park

Yeaaa....the most awaited scene : Singapore Merlion statue

The most romantic spot for dating..ehee blkg tu ade bnyak cafe with Marina bay's view
River Cruise

Ramai businessman ngan CEO meeting kat sini..yg tu sugar daddy kah3

Nice shot :)

Xde motif

Kasut intern ku yg berumur 2 tahun...shoot sementara berehat ^^

Sesi Malam : Mad Market di Orchard Road

Orchard Road nie ala2 Beverly Hills style di Hollywood. Kat Malaysia cam Pavillion la
Gucci? Not my type. Port gambar je nieh ^^
Singgah duduk letih woo

Among window displays here

Blurry night view

Anis Farhana & Raihan Azuhar my backpacker colleagues ^^

Arghh jomla balik tido..hari first sudah sampai penghujung
Haha xley blah boleh tertido sini. Gudnite peeps!!!!


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